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At a recent meeting of Rooter Man Technicians and Plumbers, Fitz explained the common problems on why storm drains clog and get stopped up.  Mud and leaves, to no one’s surprise, were the main culprits. During rains, heavy or not, mud, grass and leaves are running into storm drains and clog them up. It takes special tools to properly remove mud and leaves. The other main culprit is tree roots that find their way into the drain line and eventually choke it off. Rooter Man has several heavy duty cabled root cutters to send in the drain to cut roots loose and remove them. There are also special solutions that a professional can put in your storm drain to retard the growth of roots.  Call and ask us about Rootx.

One last cause of storm drain clogging that was mentioned was roof dust. Think of the square footage of your home’s roof. Think of how much dirt and dust land on it daily and then get washed off and down the drain during a rain. It can be massive. Thousands of dollars a year are spent by home owners that try to do the repairs with inadequate equipment and lack of expertise; only to call professional like Rooter Man after all.

So when the situation arises, Rooter Man is ready to unclog anything you have. Just give us a call at 504-262-8222