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Service Contracts

Centigrade Service Contracts


  • Ultralow freezers and refrigerators must be kept in a controlled environment
  • One fluctuation or failure can result in a huge loss
  • Need for a comprehensive service that covers all operations associated with your equipment

Our Service Contract Options Allow For:

  • Predictable operating costs for the life of your equipment
  • Minimizing chance of equipment failure and operational down time
  • Protecting what matters most, your laboratory contents
Priority Service

The best option for cost control and worry-free maintenance of your laboratory equipment is our Priority Service program. This contract includes a 25% discount on all parts and labor services 24-hours per day, 365 days a year. Availability of loaner freezers units (2 weeks per year) in the event of an emergency equipment failure as well as in-shop repairs that span an extended period of time. Additionally, this contract includes annual preventive maintenance inspections as well as equipment calibration to OEM specifications. A maintenance and service plan that allows you to balance equipment uptime needs and your budget.

Core Service

Centigrade’s Core Service is a cost-effective option for equipment preventive maintenance and calibration services.  It provides enhanced service solutions that support preventative maintenance initiatives within your facility. This contract includes annual preventive maintenance as well as calibration performed during normal business hours.  At cost loaner freezers are available in the event of an emergency equipment failure and during in-shop repairs.

Preventive Maintenance Only

Centigrade’s Preventive Maintenance program is a solution for those seeking to prolong the life of their laboratory equipment. This program includes: thorough inspection of the mechanical operation, cleaning of filters / condensers, removal of ice buildup, verification of all alarm and electronic set points, as well as maintaining chart recorder integrity. All inspection data is documented and provided to the customer for record-keeping. Inspections may be performed as frequently as desired (2, 4, or 6 times per year). Advantages of implementing a preventive maintenance program will increase the reliability of the equipment, reduce operating costs, and provide better protection for the integrity of the stored contents.

Calibration Only

Centigrade’s Calibration program is a solution for those seeking to ensure laboratory equipment has compliance documentation of operating at specified set points. This program includes temperature and humidity industry-standard calibrations, utilizing instrumentation certified by an NIST approved 3rd party. Calibration documentation will be provided annually per piece of equipment.

Service Priority Core Preventative Maintenance Only Calibration Only
Annual Preventative Maintenance  
Loaner Freezers    
Parts and Labor during Business Hours    
All Parts and Labor, 24/7 365      
Priority Repairs      
2-Hour Guarantee Response      
Guaranteed Live Phone Support during Business Hours      

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