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Maintaining your laboratory equipment will prolong the life of the unit thereby reducing preventable system failures.
Equipment that has been properly maintained will operate more efficiently, resulting in reduced utility costs. Proper preventive maintenance will keep a unit’s condenser from collecting dust and overheating. A condenser that has gathered dust will prevent heat dissipation which puts strain on the system and can lead to untimely equipment failure. Additionally, if ice has formed around the doors and seals of the unit over time it may prevent a proper seal around the door edge which allows warm air to enter into the unit. Temperature readings may be inconsistent which can drastically increase compressor run time leading to early failure

Centigrade’s Preventive Maintenance Program provides comprehensive inspections at OEM recommended intervals throughout the year to proactively identify issues and reduce premature equipment failure. Our preventive maintenance entails air filter cleaning, excess ice removal / cleaning, equipment voltage check to OEM specifications, temperature calibration, chart recorder battery replacement as well as a comprehensive 12-point inspection of the unit to determine any other areas of potential concern. At the conclusion of the preventive maintenance, Centigrade will provide a full PM report detailing the work performed and observations noted for your records.

As an alternative to our comprehensive preventive maintenance service, Centigrade offers full calibration of your laboratory equipment as required for auditing purposes. Our calibration check includes relative humidity, temperature check, vacuum seal integrity, and. Each of our meters is calibrated annually to NIST standards by an accredited 3rd party.

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