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Your washing machine was delivered with rubber water supply hoses. The “fine print” recommends turning the water supply to the machine off after using it. So, if you don’t, you’re among the 97.3% of all households who don’t as well!

Rubber water hoses will weaken over time with constant water pressure and who among us would remember to periodically replace their washing machine hoses?

Throw in a load of wash and dash off to a soccer game with the kids or the market for more tomatoes and you could come home to soaking wet wood flooring, warping baseboards, soggy carpeting, bulging cabinets and ruined boxes of important files.

Water damage from faulty washing machine hoses is one of the most common claims made to insurance companies. And some things can’t be replaced!

Why wait for disaster before hooking up with steel braided washing machine hoses? If you have any questions or concerns about your hoses to washing machines or other plumbing, give us a call at 504-262-8222, we’ll be glad to help.