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You probably don’t give much thought to your drains on a daily basis, right? You turn on the water, it goes down the drain, and that’s it. But maybe you’ve grown accustomed to the fact that your drains are a little slow. If that’s the case, it’s possible you’ve got a blockage that you’re not aware of. With spring being a time for renewal and beginnings, many people start the season with “spring cleaning;” putting away the blankets, opening the windows and letting in fresh air, etc. While you’re at it, maybe spring is a good time to look into what maintenance needs to be done around your house as well, including your drains.


With New Orleans being just under sea level, drainage has been a problem since the city was founded. While you can’t do anything about the levees, it’s a good idea to periodically check your own drains and see if there’s anything you can do to improve things at home. New Orleans plumbers like Rooter Man can come assess your drains and let you know if there’s anything you need to address or if everything is working properly. Rooter Man has been serving the greater New Orleans area’s plumbing needs for nearly 40 years, and they have drain treatments to resolve a number of issues you may not have even realized you have.


For those drains that are just a little sluggish, Rooter Man will get your blockage cleared and then provide ongoing preventive drain treatment using 100% biodegradable Total-C. Total-C features enzymes and bacteria that “chew” away the gunk in your drains before it has the chance to build up, keeping things running smoothly all year round. With no acids or solvents, it’s an effective, environmentally neutral way to keep your drains clear.  It’s even safe for septic tanks.


But maybe you’ve got a bigger problem. Maybe one of those big, beautiful magnolias, sycamores, or hollies has roots that have spread and poked their way into your drains. Obviously you don’t want to cut anything down, but you’ve got to get your drain cleared. Rooter Man can also treat your drains with RootX, an aquatic herbicide powder that mixes with water to create a foam that completely fills your pipes and kills the invasive roots. Using RootX, Rooter Man has become a New Orleans plumbing service with decades of experience at clearing out invasive roots and even inhibiting new growth. So if you’ve got drain problems, or want to avoid them, in South Louisiana get in touch with Rooter Man, and get things flowing again!