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Modern plumbing is an amazing invention, isn’t it? Even though plumbing systems have to be inspected before you build or purchase a home, you may still run into problems as a homeowner. Clogged drains are a common problem every tenant faces at one time or another. You might already know about a few home remedies you can try to unclog a drain, but you should really call an experienced New Orleans plumber at Rooter Man the moment you suspect a problem to prevent damage to your plumbing system.  A licensed plumber has the tools and knowledge needed to properly treat a clogged drain. There are several reasons drains clog, and in these instances you will want to call a professional.

Hair or Material Buildup

One of the most common reasons drains are clogged is because there is a buildup of hair or another material blocking the path. Every person in the home sheds hair and this is especially applicable in the shower. The shower is a common place to have a clogged drain. Another material that clogs drains is lotions and soaps. If the drain isn’t big enough or the water pressure isn’t strong enough, the material will not be flushed through the system properly. This results in a clogged drain. Call a plumber if you suspect a clogged drain for either of these reasons. Over-the-counter products that claim they will unclog drains do not work as well as professional tools. Rooter Man has proven treatments that contain active enzymes and sludge-eating bacteria. This will solve your problem in no time.

Object Blocking Pipe

Do you have young children in your house that are fascinated by playing with objects in your home? A possible reason your drain is clogged is because an object is blocking the pipe pathway. This could happen because your child dropped something down the drain that shouldn’t be there or maybe you even dropped something such as a ring, marble, or coins. Rooter Man offers video pipe inspections to identify the problem before it affects your entire system.

Routine Maintenance

If there is a growing odor from one of your pipes, there is a simple professional solution. Routine maintenance is one of the best ways you can prevent odors and buildup in your drains. Rooter Man uses the perfect concoction: Total-C Preventative Drain Treatment. This treatment is used to improve flow and control odor. It is completely safe with no harsh acids or other materials. Routine maintenance is essential to improve the life of your plumbing system and maintain effective draining.

Don’t hesitate to call a New Orleans plumber the next time you have a clogged drain. He or she will know how to eliminate the problem, whether it’s by using solvent or high-tech equipment, and prevent future clogged drains.