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You probably don’t know or care that Metairie is between two and seven feet below sea level, but you’ve certainly been affected by it. Wikipedia says we’re in the Metairie “bowl,” but whatever you call it, there’s no doubt that we’re no strangers to being underwater around here.


So this area’s got any number of bugaboos that can have you digging out a phone book or running to the internet for a plumber. When you do this, hopefully, you will find Rooter Man Plumbing!


Aside from rain’s challenges, our big beautiful magnolias and live oaks can send unruly roots into our drainage systems, failed backflow preventers can let ick get into our water lines, and, when all else fails, there’s the day-to-day kitchen and bathroom clogs and floods that can just ruin a good day.


Where do you turn when you need help? Any Metairie plumber you’re thinking about should be familiar with the kind of plumbing troubles we run into down here as well as being able to handle the regular stuff.
Trees send out feeder roots that can find even the tiniest cracks in your pipes and set up shop, nurturing the tree until its monstrous roots burst through your pipe. Unless, that is, you called a Metairie plumber who had the know-how to dissolve the roots or otherwise get rid of them. The Rooter Man can use cameras to snake down into your drains and see exactly what’s going on where, so the remedy can be targeted directly to the problem.


Under-slab work is also something Rooter Man Plumbing will be able to deal with. There have been major advances in repair work under foundations, work that used to mean jack-hammering the concrete floor. Today, the best plumbers should be able to do a video inspection and get right to the damaged pipe and make a targeted repair.


In Metairie, Mandeville, and all of Greater New Orleans, Rooter Man is your top choice for plumbing. Rooter Man has video inspections, tree root solvent, and other state-of-the-art equipment, plus trained technicians and unbeatable warranties. They’ve been taking care of the area for over 37 years, and no matter what plumbing challenge you throw at them, they’ve got you covered.