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Faucet is a general term used to describe a valve that controls the release of fluid. Most faucets used in the home have a hot and cold valve. As you adjust the flow from each valve this regulates the temperature of the water. Red usually indicates “hot” and blue usually indicates “cold” and/or the use of the letter H or C. In the United States the hot water valve is usually on the left and the cold water valve is usually on the right by building code requirements.

Some faucets use a lever called a mixer faucet. This is a handle that moves up and down to control water flow and left to right to control temperature. Mixer faucets utilize a built in thermostat also referred to as thermostatic mixing valves or TMVs. These can be mechanical or electronic.

All faucets have parts that are subject to wear and tear. Sometimes it is convenient and efficient to replace those parts, but other times it might make more sense to replace the faucet completely. At Rooter Man we will discuss all of your options and give you prices upfront. At that point you can decide which is a better investment for you. We can repair or replace call Rooter Man at 504-262-8222 for an appointment today!