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If you own a commercial property and need a plumber, they are not always easy to find. Rooter Man is available and recommended for commercial work in the Metairie area. Not all plumbers can do commercial work, even if they claim they can. Commercial problems with sewage and drainage are not the same as residential plumbing problems, so be sure you are contacting an expert in commercial issues.


Drain clogs are unique to each commercial property. The type of business must first be considered, and then the property location examined and understood, before the clog is approached. If the property is a standalone restaurant, the clog is most likely food related and can be dissolved with a natural product so as not to introduce poisons into a food establishment. A snake may also be used to loosen or dislodge the major obstruction, followed by a cleaning or flushing of the line procedure in order to swiftly clear the drain. Little or no down time is critical for an establishment such as a restaurant.


A commercial property within a chain of buildings that has a shared main sewage pipe can be a different situation to approach. Understanding the proper procedure for tracing down the true source of the clog takes experience. If the clog is cleared for one building but the actual source of the problem is not fixed, the backup will reoccur.


Rooter Man will solve the commercial plumbing issue the first time by taking the time to check clean outs for each property and accessing the main drain to be sure the correct flow is restored. The use of video pipe inspection can be utilized in these situations of shared properties, especially if access to a neighboring unit is not available. If  the bar occupying the end unit of a chain of units has a back up in the sink drain, the clog will not be cleared simply by pushing the obstruction into the neighboring dry cleaner, not to be discovered until that business reopens the next morning. Video inspection available from Rooter Man will guarantee the completion of the job before another property is affected.


Commercial properties typically have more plumbing use than residential properties just because of the larger amount of people utilizing the facilities. The stresses on pipes, water heaters and toilets can cause problems if not addressed or properly maintained. Commercial plumbers have experience with larger appliances, banks of toilets and larger capacity piping that must be used in commercial applications. That experience is what you want when hiring a plumber for commercial needs.