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With so many do-it-yourself shows on TV and families looking to cut expenses, the question arises as to when it is time to call in a skilled professional plumber.


In an emergency, a good rule of thumb is if you have tried to unclog, unblock or stop a leak and it hasn’t fixed the problem, it’s time to call.


In New Orleans, flooding, burst pipes and clogged drains are all too common. But, since most of us love this richly historic area, finding the right formulas to keep our homes’ plumbing flowing smoothly can be accomplished with good planning.


When you wake up and are ankle deep in water, the problem can be coming from behind the walls of your homes. Rather than breaking into the wall without knowing exactly where the leak originates, calling a plumber with the ability to inspect your pipes with video equipment can be extremely beneficial.


If you’ve tried the straightened hangar down the sluggish drain trick and it hasn’t worked, a skilled plumber can have your drains flowing again. In fact, having your plumber treat your drains on a regular basis can prove to be the best way to avoid drain back-ups and sluggishness.


When you are experiencing low water pressure throughout your house, employing an expert plumber can alleviate your family’s frustrations when taking showers, washing or flushing toilets.


If your toilets are clogged and waste is backing up into your bathtub or shower, the problem could be in the main line. There could be rusted pipes, or it’s possible that tree roots that have grown into your water line and only a licensed professional plumber has the expertise and experience to deal with the problem in the most efficient and cost effective way.


If your water heater has seen better days or you are looking to upgrade your water heater, a plumber can help you choose the best size and type for your home. This can be invaluable for overall costs, and installation is best done by a professional.


Many homeowners are looking to renovate their homes and modernize their kitchen or bathroom, or even add a new bathroom. Not only is it important to hire a trained plumber to assist with the planning and installation, but licensed plumbers can also pull the permits that are needed for renovations.


Although it can do wonders for your ego to do it yourself, truth be told, licensed professional plumbers can keep your home’s plumbing trouble free.