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Of course, sometimes you simply can’t deal with a drain problem on your own – and on those occasions, Rooter Man is here to help. You can do your own bit for the health of your drains, however, by simply looking after them – and we’re only too happy to give you a few tips for doing just that.


To avoid needing to deal with a clogged drain in the first place, mix up a cup of baking soda, a cup or table salt and ¼ of a cup or cream of tartar. Once a week, pour a ¼ cup of this mixture into your drain followed by a cup of boiling water. Ten seconds later, you can flush it all out with cold water from the tap. This should help nip problems in the bud before they start!


If it’s too late for that but your drains are only a little clogged, you can clear them by pouring half a cup of baking soda and then – carefully – half a cup of vinegar down them, and leaving the whole thing to set for three hours before running water to clean it all out.


If this hasn’t worked, there’s a good chance it’s because your drains are clogged by grease rather than other household waste. To deal with grease, pour in half a cup of salt, half a cup of baking soda, and a teakettle of boiling water. Allow this to sit overnight before rinsing it out with the tap.


As a last resort before calling the Rooter Man, you can try to clear out anything left in the drain yourself by using wet cloths to stop off any overflow vents, half-filling the sink or bath with water, and using a plunger to try and pull out the blockage.


Of course, all of these tips will only work if your drains aren’t all that badly blocked. For anything more serious than you can clear alone, it really is for the best to get in a professional plumber or drainage expert like the ones we employ – trying to do any more than this alone runs the risk of damaging your drains or simply worsening the clog. With a bit of luck and these handy tips, though, you’ll find that it doesn’t come to that very often at all – quite a lot of drainage problems will be resolved simply by following these hints and ideas.