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Why should you hire a licensed plumber to install your new water heater?  Why should it matter if they are licensed, just as long as you have hot water, right?  Wrong.  A licensed plumber will know the particulars of your chosen water heater, brand and style, and also be able to guarantee it is installed correctly.  Rooter Man will even guarantee the labor and install on water heaters purchased by the property owner, so this is an additional plus to hiring a plumber in the New Orleans area.


Water heaters are more than just a way to heat water for your home or business.  There are many brands, sizes, and types that licensed plumbers will be able to explain and install properly.  A plumber can order the right type for your usage, whether it is commercial or residential.  They can suggest brands based on manufacturers’ warranties and personal knowledge.  Additionally, a plumber will know if there are tank-less options available for you, or if a different size or capacity will serve your needs better.


Should you decide to purchase a new type of water heater, such as tank-less or gas rather than electric, plumbers will be able to coordinate the install with the other necessary service companies.  Should you need an electrician for low voltage wiring with a tank-less model or a larger breaker for a larger capacity unit, a licensed plumber can arrange or suggest an electrician for the job.  If you need natural gas or propane fittings installed in the case of a new fueling option, a licensed plumber can assist there also.  Rooter Man can even inspect the gas line or get you permits to use gas if it has been used at the property previously.


Purchasing a new water heater through a licensed plumber will normally carry cost benefits also.  Not only in your energy bill because of a higher efficiency unit, but because licensed plumbers can purchase at cost from commercial warehouses and suppliers.  The general public is restricted from such discount houses, so it is normally more economical to let the plumbing company purchase the water heater directly.  They have the vehicles for transporting such units also, along with the necessary tools to install it once reaching the destination.  Factoring in all of these conveniences, along with the factory and labor warranties that come with hiring a certified plumber, you should have no doubts as to why you need to use a licensed plumber for your water heater installation.