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Many have decided to keep the home they are in and renovate rather than buy another home or have the hassle of moving.  Renovating an older home may mean having to update the plumbing from galvanized steel to copper.  It is important to know the differences in these pipes so repairs or replacement does not have to be done again.  Professional plumbers understand the uses of both types of pipes and are educated on replacing or repairing both.  Your best option is to consult with an expert from Rooter Man before attempting any plumbing renovation.


Galvanized steel pipes will rust at the joints over time.  Copper will not rust, but it is expensive and cannot be directly attached to steel pipe.  There is a reaction that will cause corrosion when those two metals meet, so if a connection must be made, special nipples and junctions must be used. Additionally, there are sizes differences between the kinds of pipe and not all can be converted easily.  Professionals need to be involved when attempting to convert from galvanized to copper.


Copper pipe is also much smoother, inside and out, than steel pipe.  Flow differences will sometimes be evident when converting to copper pipe.  Be sure to understand the flow capacities of all your faucets and appliances before installing new pipes.  You many need to reduce the size of copper pipe so not to overwhelm the dishwasher or washing machine with too much water pressure.  Rooter Man will guarantee their work, so no mistakes like that will be made.   Having to replace a major appliance or faucets will be an additional cost if you attempt plumbing projects with no experience.


It is usually best to replace the entire pipe system in the home rather than trying to work with both types of pipes in a household.  There will be persistent problems as the galvanized pipes continue to age and the copper pipe will not be as efficient when mixed with galvanized steel.  You will pay more in the long run trying to keep corrosion at a minimum and assure connections between the two types will be secure.  In the New Orleans area, give Rooter Man a call and let them inspect your pluming and make recommendations.  They can also give you a quote to replace all your pipes and update your home entirely with copper piping. Visit their website Contact Rooterman for additional information and available discounts.