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As your home ages, it will begin to develop small cracks and clogs in its septic system. This happens naturally because of all the waste that runs through your pipes every day, and it can cause a lot of damage if it isn’t repaired right away. Learn how to identify problems in your septic system and how our sewer repair in New Orleans can save you money and repairs in the future.

new orleans sewer repairRecognize Signs of Sewer Leaks

Some leaks are so obvious that you can spot them yourself by doing a little detective work around your property. For instance, leaks inside the home will often leave signs of water damage on your floors, walls, or ceiling. Leaks in your pipes outside may leave the grass above it thicker and greener than the rest of your yard. However, other leaks are buried deep enough that they don’t leave any visible evidence of their presence. Sometimes you can catch these leaks by watching your water bills. A sudden unexpected rise in your water bill can indicate a leak somewhere in your system.

Professional Sewer Inspections

For more than 37 years, Rooter Man has been providing sewer inspections and repairs to homes in the New Orleans area. We have experience tracking down problems like slab leaks that can be difficult to spot on your own. Using a special camera, we can actually see what’s happening inside your pipes and locate any leaks, clogs, or other sources of trouble. To feel confident about the condition of your septic system, schedule your home for regular inspections even if you don’t suspect a leak. This way, you can catch small problems and have them fixed before they start costing you money.

Sewer Repair

Once you find a leak or clog in your septic system, schedule your sewer repair in New Orleans as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder the problem will be to fix. At Rooter Man, we will do our best to resolve your problem without causing major inconvenience to your home. Many repairs can be made without tearing up your floor, even if your pipe is under a slab of concrete. Once your pipe is fixed, ask our licensed plumbers about ways to protect your septic system in the future. Even something as simple as knowing what not to flush down your sinks and toilets can make a big impact in the lifespan of your pipes. We also offer products designed to keep your pipes from clogging or leaking in the first place. Find out which one of these products is right for you!