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Do you suspect that there is something blocking a plumbing line at your existing Metairie home? Let a skilled Rooter Man technician use the RooterCam to detect any piping issues you might have before it becomes a serious problem!

Existing Blockage

Are you having to unstop your sewer line regularly? Is your bathtub holding water when you are taking a shower? Issues like these are often the result of problems within your plumbing system. Left unresolved, problems such as these can transform into expensive repairs and major headaches when theses pipes burst or collapse. The RooterCam can help to diagnose any problems existing within your plumbing lines, such as small cracks or slight disjoints in the main arteries of your drainage system, potentially saving you the stress and expense of having to deal with a busted line.

A RooterCam Video Inspection will find:

  • Broken, offset or collapsed pipes
  • Corrosion or rust build up in cast iron pipes
  • Bellies or misaligned pipes
  • Separated or leaking joints or connections
  • Root intrusion

Preventative Inspections

Rooter Man also recommends a RooterCam Video Inspection if you are planning on purchasing a new home. There’s nothing worse than moving into a new home, just as a drainage line collapses and turns your yard into a septic nightmare. A RooterCam Video Inspection of the drainage system of your new home can turn out to be a huge money-saving investment. Plus, Rooter Man will provide you with a web link of the Video Inspection of your pipes that you can use for the purchasing or selling a home, or even for insurance purposes.

If you’ve previously tried a Video Inspection and it wasn’t able to diagnose your problem, our trained technicians have a multitude of tools at their disposal. We know that some draining problems are hard to detect and occasionally it may take more than one method of inspection to correctly diagnose your problem.

Drainage Peace of Mind

Rooter Man wants to help you find your drainage problem before it causes serious damage, and the Rooter Cam is the perfect tool for the job. We service New Orleans and all surrounding areas, including Metairie, Kenner, Covington, Laplace, Mandeville, Slidell, and the Westbank. Contact us today at 504-230-0577 or 985-247-9833 for a Rooter Cam Video Pipe Inspection!