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Living in New Orleans presents a huge problem for the plumbing system in your yard. Rooter Man in New Orleans has found that a common problem for outdoor pipes is tree roots. While you might often hear about tree roots causing problems, it isn’t always easy to understand how this happens. In addition, you might wonder what you can do to take care of tree root problems. This blog addresses both of those issues.

How Tree Roots Cause Problems

As tree roots grow, they push up, around, and against everything they come in contact with. You might have noticed this when you walk across your yard and see tree roots protruding above the grass. Tree roots follow no pattern; they just grow. When something gets in their way, such as a pipe, they grow alongside or around it, looking for a new pathway. When a tiny root that is growing alongside your pipes finds a small crack, it can make its way through the crack and into the pipe. Once inside the pipe, it can continue to grow.

Problems with Tree Roots in Pipes

An obvious problem with tree roots growing inside your pipes is that eventually they will grow large enough to block the flow of water and waste traveling through the pipes. But, there is another problem, too. Tree roots that grow inside the pipes can get really large. The pressure of the tree root can sometimes cause the pipe to break. What was once a very tiny crack becomes a huge crack and eventually a broken pipe.

How to Take Care of Tree Roots

There are a couple of options that we can help you with when you have tree root problems. If the tree roots have grown to the point that they have broken your pipes, we can repair the pipes. We can even repair broken pipes underneath slabs of concrete. Give us a call for more information about pipe repair.

Another method that Rooter Man in New Orleans can use is a rooter to cut the tree off right inside the pipe. We will run a high-powered auger through your drains. Once the roots are in small pieces, the bits can flush down the line with water. When the tree roots grow back again, we can repeat the process as often as necessary; thus, we can save your pipes from huge damage that requires a major repair.