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When it comes to plumbing, not everyone can be an expert. Metairie residents do not need to worry about that though. Rooter Man serves Metairie and the surrounding areas’ residents. They have been providing the area with quick, quality plumbing services for over 37 years, and continue to do so with higher standards than most other companies. They also have very competitive pricing.


When someone has been in the plumbing business for so many years, they tend to learn a few things. They learn tips to expedite the repair process. They learn which brand of plumber’s putty is better than the rest. They learn to anticipate certain specific problems based on a customer’s description. Most importantly, they learn what makes people happy.


One surefire way to make someone angry is to ask them to schedule an appointment for an emergency repair days in advance. Who would choose to go without running water in the sink for a couple of days? Who would want to go without water in the bathroom for one day? No one would, of course, and The Rooter Man is well aware of this. That is why Rooter Man offers same day appointments. Their goal is to restore order during what can be a very stressful time. They want to do it quickly and correctly the first time.


By putting a customer’s needs first, Rooter Man has become the most trusted choice in southern Louisiana for plumbing and drain cleaning services. There is no question that this dedication is what has kept The Rooter Man at the top for over 30 years. When customers are asked what they liked or disliked about their service, most of them cite the same day appointment system as being their favorite part.


Rooter Man’s services vary from small things, like fixing leaky faucets or running toilets, to major pipe repair, pipe rerouting, and even installation of water heaters. They can install grease traps, gas lines, and garbage disposals as well. Basically, anything plumbing related can be handled by one of Rooter Man’s trained professionals.


After being in business for so long, many companies branch out and lose that personal touch. Rooter Man is locally owned and operated, and generally serves most of the area around New Orleans. This means they provide jobs to southeastern Louisiana residents and stimulate the local economy. It also means they have more of a connection to the people of Metairie, which only strengthens the urge to make people happy. After all, they are practically neighbors.