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There comes a time when we realize that professionals are necessary for residential projects. Plumbing is one of those projects. A small mistake with plumbing can flood your house, be the cause of the water being shut off to the entire house for an extended period of time, or allowing sewer gas to escape or build up making for a dangerous situation. Residential plumbing should not be considered a DIY project; licensed plumbers, like Rooter Man,  should be called to avoid costly problems.


In order to change out a sink, water heater, toilet, or install a dishwasher, the water to the entire home may need to be shut off. Unless there are multiple cut off valves available, most likely the entire home will be without water. Should you not be knowledgeable as to the best procedures for any of the mentioned projects, the water deprivation could be lengthy. No one wants to try to store water for use in toilets, sinks, for bathing, or hand washing for very long, so expediting the water shut off time is ideal. A professional plumber will be able to make repairs or install new equipment within a reasonable time frame. They will also be able to warranty their work and if the product was purchased through them, that will be covered also.


Plumbing pipes may look like they are tightly secured or properly attached, but to the untrained eye this could cause trouble. A small leak at a joint in a pipe can turn into major water damage over time. An unsecured water line that can move when under pressure from flowing water can also be a large expense should it wear through or come apart. Problems like these normally occur out of sight, under a cabinet or under the house, and will not be noticed immediately, thus becoming expensive problems. A plumber will be familiar with correct joint attachment and proper strapping of water lines that carry pressure, so you avoid future problems.


Drains in your home, including toilets, have traps within the pipes in order to prevent sewage gas from coming into your home. Should a repair be done incorrectly, allowing this gas into the home, it can make you very sick. Sewage gas is very dangerous to both humans and animals because of the toxins it contains. They can also be flammable should you have gas appliances or open flames within your home. Improper repairs can become costly in more than a financial manner, so hiring a professional plumber is definitely beneficial over trying the DIY approach.