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Customer service is an important part of our company philosophy. When your home has water backing up in the sink or the shower isn’t working, that is the most important thing on your mind, of course. But good customer service can help you make the right decisions and feel satisfied in your choice of plumber.


There are two primary needs that residential customers must have addressed when they have a plumbing problem. First, they want their problem addressed quickly. Plumbing problems can cause home damage and even make people sick, so they need to be addressed right away. Second, they want to know that their plumber is going to listen to them and respect their needs as a customer.


At Rooter Man, we’re both fast and friendly. When your pipes start clogging, we know you don’t want to be stuck waiting around. We offer same-day service to our customers, because plumbing problems don’t wait around for the repairman before getting worse. We’re also on call 7 days a week, which means no waiting till the next day just because it’s a weekend.


Our care for the job doesn’t stop at showing up on time, though. We try to take care of our customers and do what we can to make sure the experience is a satisfying one.


We aren’t going to try and hide the costs from our customers. We offer you upfront pricing on plumbing and drain cleaning estimates so that you can make an informed decision with no surprises. If a repair or drain cleaning hits a snag, we’ll tell you right away if the price is going to change. Also, all of our repairs have the longest warranties in the New Orleans plumbing business, so you know that we’re not going to just leave you without help after the repair is done.


We also appreciate the hard work our customers can do and have done on our behalf. Members of the military and senior citizens receive discounts on all our work, out of gratitude to the services they have offered our community.


We’ve been in the southern Louisiana area for 37 years, and we consider this our home. We feel like we’re making our home better when we offer good service and quality work to our fellow New Orleans residents. Rooter Man wants to make sure you have your needs met with excellent work, but also with the respect any good neighbor would have for people living on his street.