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Rooter Man plumbing knows that customers in the Covington area need hard work done quickly and reliably. We pride ourselves on providing fast, dependable work to all of our customers, and that includes Covington residents. We bring a combination of experience, technology, and customer service to our work that will ensure you get the highest quality of effort possible for your necessary home repairs.


Our technology is some of the best in the Louisiana plumbing community, and it plays a key part in providing fast and effective service to our customers.


The core of our technological advantage is the RooterCam video inspection. We can use the RooterCam to identify many of the common problems you might experience with sudden or persistent problems in your plumbing system. We can identify cracked pipes that are leaking water, preventing contamination. Many older pipes in homes and commercial establishments are made of cast iron or galvanized steel. These pipes corrode over time, and can even swell closed if given inconsistent water flow. The RooterCam can identify clogged and swollen iron pipes, and distinguish between the two. That way you’ll know precisely whether you just need to have a serious clog removed, or if a pipe replacement would be the best decision.


Roots can also intrude on drain lines, septic lines, and other plumbing pipes of any building. Roots are capable of breaking through any pipe system over time, whether by growing directly through a compromised drain or by sneaking in through the seal at a pipe joint. This can lead to backup, and, over time, even broken pipes. If caught early, however, we can put a root prevention treatment down the line and kill off the intrusion before the pipe is compromised too badly.


If a video inspection isn’t enough to locate a problem, we can use what is called a smoke test. For example, sometimes an unusual smell can be coming from a drain, but the pipes will be flowing properly, showing that the problem is not a clog. In cases like this, a smoke test can show where the problem is and let us fix it precisely, without having to replace the whole system.


With RooterCam and smoke test technologies, we not only know what the problem is, but we identify the problem much more quickly than with traditional methods. This means less time is spent looking for the problem than in other cases, meaning that the total cost and effort is kept down.