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We have all had moments where we wondered if we needed to call a professional for help.  Plumbing problems are the same.  We wonder if we can investigate and find an easy solution, or if we should call a licensed plumber.  There are a few problems that can be fixed by you, but in most instances of a plumbing emergency, it is best to call professionals like the experts at Rooter Man.  An emergency to you will not be an emergency to them, and it will be properly fixed in a reasonable amount of time.  So if you are near New Orleans, do not hesitate to call the best plumbers around.


Blockages of the main sewer line are definitely reasons to call in a plumber.  If you cannot easily unclog your toilet or sinks with a plunger, you need professional help.  A backup in the main sewage line can cause raw sewage to appear in all your drains if not properly addressed.  Professionals will know where the clean out is and what route to take to get the clog cleared with least resistance.  Raw sewage sightings should always be considered an emergency and a plumber should be called.


Major pipe breaks should also be considered an emergency.  Loss of water pressure throughout the home or visible water coming from under a sink or through a wall is a sign of a major leak or broken pipe.  Find the water shut off for the home and call a professional to help you remedy the situation.  Water damage is not the only problem that can be caused by a leak; you will also be paying a larger utility bill, so have all leaks fixed as soon as possible.


Problems with major plumbing parts such as a broken toilet, tub, or water heater are more reasons to call professionals.  Replacing bathtubs, toilets, or water heaters should not be attempted by novices.  There are many things that can go wrong when attempting such large projects and it is best to have professional help.  You can end up with major leaks or injuries when attempting major plumbing projects, so consider these things emergencies and call a plumber to get the job done properly.


Plumbing emergencies are never fun and for those of us that are not plumbers, they can be scary.  So, always keep in mind that there are professionals just a phone call away.  Keep Rooter Man on speed dial and you will not have to worry about any plumbing needs.