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Do you live in New Orleans? Do you have some plumbing issues, and are unsure of whom to call? Day or night, Rooter Man is available and can fix whatever plumbing need or problems you have.


Perhaps all you need is for a faucet to stop dripping in your guest bathroom so it doesn’t keep you up all night. You have no idea what to do since turning the handle as hard as you can still does not remedy the situation. Give Rooter Man a call anytime, even at 3:00 a.m., and they will come to your house, inspect the problem, and give you a free estimate for the repair. Even if you need to replace parts or buy a completely new faucet, they will let you know and give you all the repair or replacement options.


Maybe the toilet in your bathroom will flush fine one time, but the next time, it stops mid-flush.  Rooter Man would be the one to call to examine this issue. It is possible that the works inside the tank need to be replaced, or that the chain on the flusher is getting snagged on itself and not allowing the flapper to open completely. Whatever the issue, inside the tank or with the toilet itself, a reasonable explanation and solution is available from Rooter Man.


Maybe you have decided to turn your guest room into a man cave and you want a half bath included in the remodel. Give Rooter Man a call for an estimate on the complete plumbing package. From the rough in of the pipes to the installation of the toilet and sink, it can all be accomplished with one simple phone call. Rooter Man can also help with the pipes, and then you can install the fixtures yourself. Whatever your plumbing needs in New Orleans, they are there to help. They can even give you tips on the most efficient toilet and faucet to install so your utility bill does not suffer because of a new bathroom.


You’ve noticed that your historic New Orleans home needs a plumbing upgrade in order to stay compliant with new codes. Again, Rooter Man can help. They are local and educated on the local codes and needs for historic and new homes. Since the city of New Orleans is below sea level, plumbing issues here are different than those in other areas of the country, and Rooter Man is aware of such problems. Keep yourself in the know by hiring a plumber that is educated and familiar with the locality and its specific needs.