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So what if there is a small leak under the sink in the bathroom, or if the water heater is not heating the water as hot as it did previously? It is no big deal, as long as there is still water running to the sink and there is hot water for bathing, right? Wrong. Little leaks can add up to big problems, and a water heater that is only half functioning will cost you much more than the repair. Fix the plumbing problems as soon as possible and save yourself money and time.


A leak from the sink drain or the P trap may not seem like a big problem, but should it be left unrepaired, it can cause damage to the wood base of the cabinet and eventually even the sub floor of your home. There can also be mold growth and fungus problems if water is allowed to remain leaking or cabinetry is wet. Rather than having the expense of replacing flooring and the entire cabinet, simply call a plumber and get the leak fixed. The work will be guaranteed, easily completed, and may even come with some helpful hints so you can avoid such a problem in the future. Hanging things on the P trap, such as a cleaning rag, cause undue stress on the pipes and may be what caused the leak in the first place. Do not use plumbing pipes to hang things on or drape things over.


A water heater may still be heating, but not at the same capacity. If it has dual elements, one may need to be replaced. A plumber can easily check both elements to be sure that is the issue, replace one or both if needed, and have your water heater functioning as it should. If the elements are not the problem, there may be a small leak in the supply or output line from the water heater. Once the leak is fixed the water heater will regain efficiency. Keeping the water heater running as efficiently as possible will save you money on your energy bill too, so the savings will offset the charge for having the plumber inspect and repair it properly.


Water damage is more expensive to fix than to avoid, so do not let what seems to be small plumbing leaks, or even a little drip, be left unrepaired for long periods of time. You will save yourself unnecessary repairs, mold issues, and money in the long run by just calling a plumber.