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Licensed Plumbers Are Well Trained
Plumbing can be a complicated business. If a plumber is unlicensed, you don’t know how much he really knows about plumbing. A licensed Louisiana plumber must have at least five years or 8,000 hours experience in the plumbing field. In addition, three of his fellow plumbers must sign an affidavit that he or she is competent in their field. When you hire a true professional, you can rest assured that the job will get done right. A licensed plumber knows how to make sure that their work meets national and local building codes.


Fast Response to Emergencies
A licensed and local plumber can respond promptly, since they are always prepared and staffed for emergency situations. An amateur plumber is likely working solo, so he cannot respond as promptly to a situation. A professional has a wider variety of parts and materials on hand as well. If you try to fix a plumbing or gas problem yourself, it can be dangerous, take a long time to source parts, and hope you can get everything together properly.


Saves You Time and Money
A plumbing or gas emergency can cost you a lot of time and money as a result of damages and/or lost business revenue. If a pipe bursts suddenly, a beautiful floor can be turned into a total loss in no time if the situation is not dealt with promptly. That means thousands of dollars lost or, at the very least, the hassle of an insurance claim and the disturbance caused by having a floor replaced. How about treasured family heirlooms? Some things are simply irreplaceable, even if you are insured. A licensed plumber can get a plumbing or gas situation taken care of fast, so you can get back to earning money or enjoying your home. A licensed plumber also makes sure that your plumbing is up to legal building code level in your area. This can save you time by avoiding fines for violations and the cost of correcting mistakes.


A Licensed Plumber Carries Fill Insurance For Your Peace of Mind
All licensed plumbers in the state of Louisiana must carry full insurance. No matter how skilled    and knowledgeable a plumber is, sometimes mistakes happen, things get overlooked, or freak   situations can occur. If this occurs and you use a licensed plumber, their insurance will take care   of compensating you for any damages or losses. If you hire and unlicensed plumber than you as the home or business owner are responsible for all damages.