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It happens in millions of households every year. Two or three people in the house use the shower, and then suddenly the shower starts spouting cold water. Maybe you have many guests over at your house for a Christmas party and soon the bathroom faucets give nothing but cold water. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can lead to expensive water heater repairs or replacements. Over the space of a year, your water heater can wear down. You need a quality water heater inspection and repair before you have a problem on your hands.

Be Prepared

You can prepare for the busy holidays this year by calling your local plumber for an inspection. The technicians at Rooter Man deal with traditional and tankless water heaters. The experts can quickly recognize problems and tell you what service the water heater needs.

Stay Warm This Winter

The winter season puts extra strain on your water heater because you are also combating the cold. Everyone in the house wants warmer water and more of it to try to stay warm. Your water heater has to fuel showers, sinks, dishwashers, and clothes washers. Even the most high-performing water heaters need occasional service. Call a plumber for a seasonal inspection and service. They can repair or replace your water heater to ensure it is effective all winter long.

Plumbing Emergencies

Unfortunately, plumbing emergencies can still happen. They happen on weekends and on holidays, too. If you have family staying at your home for the weekend, you cannot wait for the next business day to fix your plumbing! Fortunately, you can call Rooter Man for service after hours or on Saturday without paying an extra charge. They can service your water heater and have it producing warm water again in the shortest amount of time possible.

Long-Term Solutions

Do you want to limit the number of times you need to get water heater service? The best way to make sure you receive quality repairs and labor is to choose a plumbing company that offers warranties. For example, Rooter Man warranties parts and labor, or just labor if you already have the parts. We will warranty traditional and tankless water heater service. This warranty means that you can have confidence that installations are done correctly the first time. Professional installation is a great way to ensure the water heater will function at its optimal level. If the water heater does not work as promised, you can call the plumber to repair the problem without paying extra. Make sure you get a warranty on your water heater inspection and repair this season.