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Drain cleaning is a routine task many people might overlook because of their hectic daily routines. Unfortunately, the results can be devastating when you forget to schedule preventative plumbing maintenance. Don’t wait for an emergency to occur which is likely to cost more money. Let a plumber handle regular drain clearing to keep everything flowing smoothly. Consider four major reasons why effective drainage is important for your residence or commercial facility.


Avoid Messy Backups and Leaks

All kinds of yucky stuff gets caught in your drain lines such as grease, food and hair. Over time this gunk builds up in your drain and can cause some serious issues. A backup or leak could even lead to a messy flood with the related repairs and inevitable clean-up. Contact a local plumber to conduct this important preventative maintenance so you don’t face bigger problems.


A Pro Knows

When you have a professional plumber perform drain cleaning, other issues are detected before they become major problems. During the preventative maintenance appointment, a plumber can find issues such as leaks near the pipe joints or damaged sewer lines. Sometimes tree roots get in the way of your drain performance. These regular inspections help you to fix any problems before you have a pricey plumbing job on your hands.


Deep Six the Chemicals

Unfortunately, using drain cleaning chemicals often does more harm than good. People wrongly believe tossing some chemical down the drain will prevent plumbing problems. In actuality, these harsh chemicals can cause them. Over time, they can weaken your piping, which will lead to leaks. These chemicals are also harmful to the environment, which is a concern for many people who are “going green.” Plumbers use specialized tools to handle drain cleaning such as a snake and other innovative equipment. Deep six those nasty chemicals and schedule a routine drain cleaning appointment with a local plumber instead.

Be Good to Your Pipes

Regular drain cleaning is a great way to be good to your plumbing system so it always treats you right. A plumber can extend the life of your system by keeping the drain lines cleared and bringing routine issues to your attention. Best of all, a clean system works more efficiently which helps you save money over time. When you consider the cost of hiring an emergency plumber, it makes sense to schedule regular drain cleaning to keep your plumbing system working smoothly.