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24/7 Emergency Service!


It doesn’t matter if you are at home or at work, if there is a plumbing emergency, most folks do not want to think about it, much less tackle the trouble head on. Rooter Man will do the tackling for you. If you have a commercial problem or a residential need, both can be taken care of by the same company. How nice is it, knowing that no matter the property type, one call can fix them all?


Many local businesses in New Orleans are in historical buildings, and many of those buildings used to be private residences. This causes issues not normally dealt with by plumbers who only concentrate on one type of construction, but Rooter Man has the expertise to handle all the plumbing issues that can affect such properties.


A clogged grease trap in a restaurant kitchen is no trouble for Rooter Man, just like the clogged bathtub drain at your house. It does not matter if it is hair or grease, a clog in a pipe can put a stop to all activity in that bathroom or kitchen, so the fastest remedy is the only way to proceed.  Luckily, the New Orleans area has Rooter Man to take care of both of these situations.


Attempting to run a commercial kitchen with plumbing intended for a residential kitchen can easily cause an overload on the pipes if not carefully monitored. The restrooms can also become overwhelmed due to heavy use; so to know that Rooter Man can fix such problems is very comforting. Since there is not always room to expand pipes or run new, larger pipes to accommodate, there must be a plumber that can be relied upon for assistance in emergencies.



Overflowing toilets at a workplace or in a nightclub can cause not only mass chaos and upset, but it can also cause loss of profits and productivity. Rooter Man can handle all these situations at any time of day or night, and get your business back up and running. They are available to snake one drain in the ladies room at a law firm, or clean out the main drain of a nightclub in order to restore service to multiple restrooms at once.


Whatever the need, this plumber will be able to provide a solution. One call will provide solutions to plumbing problems big or small, at home or at work. It is with confidence that Rooter Man will attack them all.