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Maintaining your drains is not something you usually have to do very often, however that means it is easy to overlook and that can lead to much bigger drain problems down the road.  A licensed plumber can make sure that your drains are clean and clear so that you can avoid major problems.


Clogged drains can attract insects such as drain flies, centipedes and more. No one wants their home or business to be prone to greater populations of insects. Prevent this problem in your building with proper drain cleaning. Insects can cost a lot to eradicate or at least take a lot of time to get rid of once they have established themselves in your home or business.


Corroded Pipes
A bad clog can degrade your pipes over time. This can lead to some costly replacement plumbing work that can create a big disturbance in your household.


Better Flow Rate
Periodically cleaning your drains increases their flow rate. As a drain becomes more clogged, it gathers even more debris.  Hair, grease, and other main culprits can build up over time. This can lead to bad odors, backed up drains, flooding, burst pipes, and other problems. A slow drain can also be very frustrating to use. Dirty dishwater or a clogged toilet drain can be particularly unpleasant to all members of a home. A drain that is free of dirt and clogs helps you to get more done in the household, especially in the kitchen area.


Habits That Help
You can help prevent clogged drains in kitchens by running hot water down the drain. This helps melt any grease or fats from washing dishes. Avoid pouring pure grease or fat down a drain. Scrape it out before you wash. Avoid trying to cram chucks of food down a drain. A good drain strainer in every sink in a household can go a long way to preventing clogged drains. Make sure that you clean your strainer often to avoid odors or dishwater back up.


Assessing Your Needs
Rooter Man can look at your drains and design a drain cleaning regime that is right for your home or business so that clogged drains will be much less likely to ever cause you any problems at all. A maintenance visit is a lot more cost effective than the damages or lost business that can result from drains backing up or causing pipe degradation.