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There are many different plumbing contractors out there but they are not all the same. Skill levels, experience, and education can vary greatly.


Should Be Licensed and Insured
In order to be a licensed professional plumber, all plumbers must pass a test and have at least five years of plumbing experience. Also, other plumbers must testify that the prospective plumber has the necessary skills and knowledge to join their ranks. Don’t make the mistake of hiring an amateur plumber. Those with little experience can make a problem worse and repairs can be shoddy and not last as long as if a professional did the work.  A licensed plumber must also be fully insured for damages or costly repairs in case they make a mistake or something happens that they did not foresee. This is very rare as a good plumber does their work carefully and uses quality parts. However, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with hiring a licensed professional. If an amateur or unlicensed plumber messes something up than you are the one that is liable for the damages.  If you think it is necessary, do not hesitate to ask for a copy of a plumbers license and proof of insurance.


Can Respond Quickly to Emergencies
When a plumbing emergency happens, you need to know that your plumber will be able to help you no matter the time of the day. This means that hiring a more local plumber can be the best solution for you. This can also reduce the cost of a plumbing emergency. If you are in the greater New Orleans area, depend on Rooter Man for your plumbing needs. We never charge extra for coming out to you no matter what day or time of the week. Our trucks are kept stocked so that we are always prepared to meet your needs. Don’t waste time or money on a plumber that cannot respond to your emergency call quickly. It can cost you thousands in damages or result in you having to make a hefty insurance claim.


Respectable and Polite
Inviting a stranger into your home can be uncomfortable. At Rooter Man we make sure that we screen all our employees because you deserve to have a real professional in your family’s home or at your business. We guarantee that you will be pleased by our plumber’s professional dress and manner in your home or business.