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Are you thinking of installing gas lines in your home to reduce your heating and utility bills? It is a well-known fact that gas is cheaper than electricity, and by installing gas appliances in your home, you will reduce your energy costs, but gas appliances require having a properly installed gas line. Thankfully, Rooter Man in New Orleans can safely and affordably install gas lines from your meter to your gas appliances.

Gas Line Installs Not For The DIYer

Many homeowners seek to save money by performing plumbing and gas line installs themselves. However, installing gas lines should not be a DIY project for any homeowner. If the lines are not installed properly, they could leak, and if an errant spark or flame were to activate around the leaking gas, it could cause an explosion, putting family members in significant danger and causing costly repairs to the home.

Call A Professional

When it comes in gas line installation, call Rooter Man in New Orleans. We do more than just home plumbing. We safely and affordably install and replace gas lines. Performing a gas line install is not much different than installing water pipes. There are hoses, fittings and valves. The difference is in the level of danger. If a water line leaks during install or if there are problems with the installs, it only causes a mess. If a gas line leaks or the install is problematic, the results can be deadly if not handled by a licensed and experienced professional.

Our professional gas line installation experts know the steps and safety precautions to take to install your new gas lines. We will turn off the gas to your home and ensure that it is off before we start the installation, and after the installation, we will check to make sure that there is no gas leaking around the values and fittings. Then, we will test the appliances to ensure the gas is flowing.

For more information on our professional gas line installation services and to schedule an install, give us a call at our New Orleans office at 504-230-0577.